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Here is my story about my relationship with Enagic - Water ionizers, shower units and Ukon-turmeric vitamins, soap and tea's manufacturer:

My story with Enagic:)

 The Enagic USA “French Connection”

Frédérique Mollet, affectionately known as “Fred”, first encountered Enagic in 2008 when her interest in health and proactively preserving her health was foremost on her mind.  She was greatly impressed with the professional quality of the Kangen Water line of products and quickly jumped on board.  Yet, she had little interest in pursuing a “business.”

But in time, she began recommending Kangen Water to her friends and, before long, she started receiving referral rewards for her efforts.  This led to noticeable improvements in her quality of life, something she was incredibly thankful for.

Because she is very pragmatic, Frédérique decided that the best way for her to truly understand the philosophy and mission of the company was to hear it explained directly by the top guy of Enagic. So, she traveled to a seminar to hear the Founder, Mr. Ohshiro, explain his vision about True Health, Enagic and Kangen Water. The seminar she attended was held in Utah in 2008 and her first impression of Mr. Ohshiro was that he was very compassionate and a true man of his word. She remarked, “He wasn’t flashy, like those other MLM people. He just wanted to help people.”

    Following this encounter, Frédérique decided that it was the perfect time for her to further Mr. Ohshiro’s mission, so she created her own business with Enagic. She saw her personal mission as “a crusade to change to more proactive health care in America.” She really went all in and reached the rank of 6A in five and a half months.

    In fact, the day she submitted her final sale as a 6A was the very final day of 2008, December 31st and she remembers being the very LAST one to leave the Enagic office! Following this, because she is French, she helped open up a distribution arm in France. One year later Frédérique became a 6A2. And within three years she had attained the rank of 6A2-2.

    She noticed that her life continued to positively change. Making money with Enagic allowed her to follow an independent life and raise her two children by herself. Frédérique shared that, “My only source of income came from Enagic. I moved into to a home with a pool, which was a dream for my children. My kids could also go to a private school, which was a dream for me. I was so happy to be able to travel back and forth between America and Europe!”

Enagic was the first time she ever made her own income, as, before this, she had only volunteered time at her church. This gave her great confidence that she could not only care for her kids, but actually have time to spend with her kids. “Through Enagic, I actually prevented additional stress in my life. In fact, it was the actually the reverse of stress; my quality of life greatly increased.”

    “Enagic allowed me to be a good mom, become a better business person, make tons of friends and travel to other countries. It gave me freedom of time, I could watch my son play football and as a single mom, I could devote quality time to my children.”

    Frédérique attained the esteemed rank of 6A2-3 in November of 2017. Her future plans are to become a 2-4 within 2018 and to continue to assist in her global team’s growth

    “The most important flame in me is to flow my power to Mr. Ohshiro and his purpose. I’m really in awe of how amazing a gentleman he is.”


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