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Youthful Forever is excited to introduce you with Kangen Water machines. ♥♥

These machines produced in Osaka – Japan by a company named Enagic produce the best Water you could ever find anywhere else, and that right from your kitchen sink!!!

The water that is produced by these machine is sooooooooo potent and beneficial for the body that, in Japan Enagic Kangen Machines’ are approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare – Government of Japan. Enagic Factories and Machines are ISO certified and have received numerous other rewards & certifications thorough their 43 years of existence.

Kangen water contain an abundance of anti-oxidants ∞ to keep you Young and healthy, handle inflammation like nothing else. Kangen is also Hyper-hydrating our body thanks to it’s water being smaller in molecules and finally give you a choice of different pH levels ∞ (Potential Hydrogen: Alkalinity – Acidity chart) for drinking, cleaning, de-greasing and even disinfecting! To know (a lot) more about this, please visit my blog at: www.water-mania.com

ATTENTION: These products are not Youthful Forever brand, they are Enagic’s – the manufacturer, brands. But we love these soooooooo much that we choose to distribute these for Enagic. We are Enagic’s distributors for these Kangen Water Ionizers, so by clicking on any links or “Buy Product” buttons from this page you will be re-directed toward our distribution site or our Blog which handle payments, shipping all over the world and handling directly for all the Kangen Water Ionizers or Shower Units​.

We appreciate the privilege of being able to introduce you to this amazing 40 + years old Japanese Revolutionary Technology! 🙂

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