Turmeric & Bar Soaps – High quality by Enagic – 4 months supply


UKONΣ DD Autoship Program Detox, energize and strengthen your body with the Kangen UKONΣ turmeric supplements! Ukon™ (wild turmeric) has been recognized for centuries as a natural healer. It has been known since the era of the Ryukyu Dynasty as a strong antioxidant, and India’s ancient medicine (Ayurveda) has used turmeric as an analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antioxidant for over 6,000 years.

5 boxes of 100 capsules of Ukon and 16 soap bars

Sold in 4 month supply!



Ukon (Japanese Okinawan Turmeric) supplement

The world’s first soft vegan capsule turmeric supplement organically produced with Kangen Water®.

100 capsules per package / 5 packages = Total of 500 capsules.

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 16 Bars of Ukon SOAP made of only natural ingredients!





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